A century of history

Our company is a respectable lady of over 100 years old, a fact we are very proud of. It was created in 1908 by two global aviation pioneers: Henri and Maurice FARMAN.
After half a century of aeronautical adventures, which came to an end in 1956, the company redirected its efforts towards its long-term partner, the supplier of its aircraft engines: RENAULT.
Since then, FARMAN pursues its industrial adventure by producing robotised assembly lines and accumulation conveyors all around the world, for the aviation and automotive industries. Sans titre

1874 Birth of Henri FARMAN
1877 Birth of Maurice FARMAN
1907 Creation of the FARMAN aviation workshops at Issy les Moulineaux
13th of January : first manned flight on closed km by H FARMAN
30th of October: first intercity flight from Mourmelon to Reims
Creation of the Henri Farman workshops in BOUY (51)
Creation of the Maurice Farman workshops in BUC (78)
1910 Shared FARMAN brothers factory in Boulogne Billancourt
1920 The Société Générale de Transport Aérien (SGTA) integrates the Farman production line
1924 La FARMAN A6B
1921 à 1932 The Farman brothers start building luxury cars

1938 Creation of the Société Commerciale d’Aviation (SCA) by M. FAMRAN and his son Marcel
1941 Creation of SAUF (Société Anonyme des Usines Farman) in Billancourt then in Suresnes
1944 Nationalisation and integration of SAUF in SNCASO
1952 SAUF is re-launched by Marcel FARMAN in Toussus le Noble, its efforts directed towards the production of aviation and automotive tools

1956 Dissolution of SCA.
The Farman production line produces its last aircraft.
1958 Death of Henri FARMAN
1960 SAUF creates a subsidiary:
the Société Générale de Mécanique et de Tôlerie in TOURS (37)
1964 Death of Maurice FARMAN
1976 Closure of the FARMAN factory in Billancourt and creation of the Ateliers Mécaniques de Dreux (AMD), opening of a Research Centre in St CLOUD.
1980 Closure of AMD, transfer of industrial operations to TOURS
1988 Marcel FARMAN leaves the management of SAUF and is replaced by his son Patrick, who becomes CEO
1989 SAUF acquires the Société Tourangelle d’entreprises Electriques (STEE), supplier of its electrical equipments for the past 20 years
1996 SAUF is sold to German group IWKA
1997 Merger of three companies, FARMAN, AMD and SGMT under the name of FARMAN
1998 FARMAN acquires GECOM in Plaisirs (78)
2005 Opening of a Research Centre in CLUJ NAPOCA (Romania)

Patrick FARMAN leaves FARMAN’s management
2006 The TOURS activities are grouped under FARMAN Industries
2007 IWKA becomes KUKA
FARMAN Industries and SAUF go under the control of KUKA and become KUKA SYSTEM France
2009 KUKA sells KUKA SYSTEMS France to German group ARS and returns to the name of FARMAN SYSTEMS
2013 The Bourguignon-based Group GALILE acquires FARMAN SYSTEMS and renames it FARMAN