Accumulation conveyor

FARMAN delivered its 2,500th accumulation conveyor in June 2013. We enjoy a global presence and are proud to equip the facilities of most major car makers.
​Our equipments are solid and highly reliable, offering the guarantee of optimal operation.

Horizontal conveyor

20130912133203It’s the most frequently encountered work layout. For a more detailed view, use the following link: ​
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Suspended conveyor

20130912134836In this version, FARMAN produces accumulation conveyors mounted under a crane or onto the framework of the facilities. This configuration provides more floor space and enables to transport voluminous…
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Coupled conveyors

20130912135322The modular design of FARMAN’s accumulation conveyors allows for the coupling of a maximum of three conveyors for the transport of voluminous items.
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Spare parts

20130912135623FARMAN offers a spare part delivery service for its accumulation conveyors.
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