Mastered processes

In the course of its long history, FARMAN has continually developed increasingly complex assembly processes. d’assemblage les plus complexes. process-maitrises

Quite naturally, at the request of its then-partners RENAULT, CITROEN and DASSAULT, the company turned its efforts towards the design and creation of automotive and aviation assembly lines.

Increasing industrial production needs and the necessary repeatability of welding processes led FARMAN to introduce industrial robots and to develop accumulation conveyor technology to address large-scale manufacturing requirements.

Our competitive edge, which is recognised by all of our customers, is undeniably our commitment to achieving the best results in terms of operations, installations, cycle duration, and equipment capacity.

Since 2013, FARMAN has engaged in an Eco design approach that has led us to reflect on the standardising of our products and energy management, thus offering our customers optimal operational costs.