What brands of robots are integrated by Farman ?

  • Kuka,
  • ABB,
  • Fanuc,
  • Motoman

What is the maximum weight a robot can carry?

  • In MAG: between 6 and 15kg
  • In SR: 200kg
  • ​In handling: up to 1,000kg

Is there a maximum height of transported items for a horizontal accumulation conveyor?

No, the weight of the item is the limiting factor in this conveyor layout. The height is taken into account for the calculation of the stress acting on the guiding systems during starts and stops.

I’ve heard of a 7th axis in relation to robots: what does it describe?

  • It enables to command electric pliers (SR welding) for instance. The movements of the 7 axis are completely controlled by the robot during operations.
  • There is also the 0-axis that enables to transfer the entire robot from point A to point B.
  • ​It’s also possible manage mobile robots (tooling support for example).

Are robots designed for a specific task or can they be reprogrammed for different operations, as necessary?

All robots are fitted with basic software that can include various options. For example:

  •     Basic handling for robots with handling devices,
  •     Basic handling + SR for robots with handling devices and SR-welding applications (spot-welding)
  •     Basic maintenance + Binding for handling and binding
  •     asic Arc for Mig/Mag-welding robots,
  •     Etc.

    ​However, certain features can be added (marking management, vision…)

What is the maximum length of an accumulation conveyor?

Farman produces conveyors of up to 30 meters.

Are your technicians able to work directly on the manufacturer’s programming of the robots?

No, since that would void the manufacturer’s guarantee. Furthermore, the program is encoded.

Is it possible to have curved conveyors?

Not at this time. Farman’s accumulation conveyors can only operate in a straight line because of the accuracy of the guiding systems used.

Can robots carry out TIG-welding?

Farman does not currently support TIG-welding. However, in certain conditions, TIG welding can be robotised.

What material is used for the operator’s protection in Farman welding cells?

  •     In SR: see-through panels,
  •     In MIG/MAG: corrugated sheeting.

What is the maximum weight I can carry with my conveyor?

Up to 200kg per shuttle, with a global weight per conveyor limited at 2,000kg.

Can I carry items containing sand or oil:

No, accumulation conveyors are designed for assembly lines of degreased and clean parts. The accuracy of the guiding systems and shuttle rotation systems cannot afford to take on dust that would damage the mechanism and the automatic gears would be inoperable should they receive grease from the transported items.

Can I load an item in the curve?

Yes: simply position the adjustable stopping device as required.

Is it possible to have a tilted conveyor?

No, not with accumulation conveyors.

Are there several acceptable conveyor widths?

Yes 400mm and 1,300mm.

What type of automated system is Farman personnel allowed to program?

  •     Schneider range, ex: M340, PREMIUM with Unity and PL7PRO, Etc
  •     Siemens S7 range, in CPU 300, 400, Etc
  •     ​Wago with Codesys

what type of IHM display is Farman personnel allowed to program?

  • Siemens range (ex :Mobile panel), with Wincc
  • Proface range, with GPProex, ProPbWin
  • ​Schneider display range with Vijeo

Do Farman systems support diagrams?

Yes, Farman supports and implements electrical and pneumatic diagrams with SEE electrical. (please contact us for other formats)